How to cut plywood without tear out

It doesn't matter if you are a skilled woodworker, carpenter or just a DIY enthusiast, you will need to cut plywood or veneered wood quite often. To be able to cut plywood without tear out is not easy as you would think. Plywood, MDF and veneered wood have different structure than hardwood and they are [...]

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How to reuse sawdust

For every woodworker or DIY-er, nothing comes close to the sense of fulfillment when a project is finally completed. However, when the excitement subsides and the time to clean up your working space comes, you will most likely find yourself in the inevitable mess most DIY and woodworking projects cause. Tools, usually kept properly stashed, are [...]

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How to cut dovetails

One of the most essential skills that every accomplished woodworker must have is the ability to cut perfect dovetails. Dovetails are essential in furniture making process and they are widely used in all handmade furniture pieces. Today there are numerous dovetail jigs on the market but the truth is that cutting dovetails by hand isn't [...]

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How to apply wood veneer

Decorating wood with veneers has been around for thousands of years. Veneers of African ebony with inlays of ivory and other exotic materials were commonly used to decorate artifacts of the Pharaohs in Egypt 5000 years ago. Over the centuries and especially over the past few decades, wood veneering has been on the upswing. Today [...]

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How to fix gaps in miter joints

Cutting perfect miter joints is in most cases much tougher than you think. You have to measure perfectly and cut all the parts perfectly. If you get only one side slightly wrong, you will have a gap. If you are installing molding in your home, always first measure the corners because they are rarely perfect [...]

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Robert Sorby ProEdge Plus sharpening system

Wood carving and woodturning are fantastic hobbies for everyone and it is a pleasure to see how simple piece of wood becomes a work of art. In our previous articles we tought you something about Wood carving tools, something about Woodturning tools, and even How to sharpen wood carving tools. If you are a wood [...]

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