Cabinet Hardware Jig: Reasons to Build Your Own Furniture

Whether you have been in the carpentry business or just looking for a new hobby that is worth your time, there are a lot of positive reasons to start building your own furniture. In this article we will look at them one by one and hopefully it might just jumpstart your passion for something that [...]

Must Have Tools for a Beginner’s Workshop

If you are already planning to start your first workshop be smart and take a look at some quality tools before investing too much.  It’s important to check your budget first because you can spend more than you think, on low-quality tools that would make your hobby a hassle. Develop a plan, take notes and [...]

Why you should get an oscillating spindle sander

Sanding is a very important part of furniture making. You want your projects to come out very smooth and pleasing to the eye. For you to achieve that, you need sanders, which comes in different types. If you need to sand flat surfaces, and you want to do it very quickly, you need a random [...]

Different Types of Wood and Their Uses

Wood comes in various shapes and sizes. And its uses are as diverse as the tree species where it comes from. Generally, wood is the primary raw material for most carpentry work and various other forms of woodworking projects. It is also used in the construction as well as boat making industries. Whatever you intend [...]

Everything You Need To Know About Compact Table Saws

Those who have been in the woodworking business for many years can remember that, about 20 years ago, there were only two types of table saws. The first one was a large cast-iron contractor saw which had a horsepower of 2.5 and which weighed about 250 pounds. The second model was a bit portable since [...]

Track Saw vs. Table Saw: Which is Better for woodworking?

I am guessing that if you are reading this post then you must be interested in woodwork. Usually, people who are interested in woodworking tools will never miss a saw. And as the expertise grows they realize woodwork has a variety of saws one can use. These saws include the track and table saw. However, [...]

Factors to Consider in Buying the Right Chainsaw Chain

The chain is one of the most crucial aspects of any chainsaw. If there is any imperfection in the chain or if it is not suited for the job, the chainsaw will not be that useful. Moreover, you need to choose a chain which can easily fit the chainsaw. The tension should be proper along [...]