DIY Air Conditioner Maintenance

We all regularly service our cars and we take that for granted. Unfortunately, we often forget that our appliances need regular care also in order to function properly. Among all appliances air conditioner units need regular service the most. Regular air conditioner maintenance isn't needed only to get the most out of your machine but [...]

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Easy Solutions for Clogged Drains

We always put stuff in the sink which we know that we shouldn't and the result are very often clogged drains in our kitchen or bathroom. Plumbing repairs can be costly and to be honest most of clogged drains can be fixed without dismantling the drainage system. Our advise is to skip the expensive plumbers [...]

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How to cut dovetails

One of the most essential skills that every accomplished woodworker must have is the ability to cut perfect dovetails. Dovetails are essential in furniture making process and they are widely used in all handmade furniture pieces. Today there are numerous dovetail jigs on the market but the truth is that cutting dovetails by hand isn't [...]

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Bathroom Sink Installation

Most people don't want to even try with DIY bathroom sink installation and the immediately call a plumber but the truth is that it's easier than ever. Every bathroom sink you buy at your home improvement store or online  will come with instruction manual and easy template instructions. The majority of bathroom sink already have [...]

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