Top Tips On Selecting The Right Lifting Equipment

It’s not only your typically manual industries such as transport, mining, steel and manufacturing that require lifting equipment. Many other sectors such as education and retail need a helping hand when it comes to lifting and moving. When your staff’s health, wellbeing and safety is concerned it’s essential that you select reliable and durable lifting [...]

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7 Must-Know Tool Box Maintenance Tips

When it comes to storing those must-have tools, every homeowner could have some sort of tool box to help organize and protect their tools. The type of tool box you’ll need depends on how many tools you have. Homeowners that only keep the essential tools on hand probably only need a portable tool box, while [...]

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Gas Hedge Trimmer Maintenance Tips

The spring is upon us very soon, and that’s the season when we look to our gardens and start preparing. There will be plenty to do; from clearing away the leaves, twigs and other debris that has fallen from the trees during the winter storms, to weeding the borders and getting things ready for planting [...]

How To Buy The Best Cordless Drill

Whether you’re a handyman, a professional contractor, or just a homebody that likes to tinker on things, a drill would most like be in your inventory of tools. With so many to choose from as to the type and brand, which one should you buy? Convenience-wise, a good cordless drill is one way to go. [...]

Best Random Orbit Sander

Wanna enjoy all the DIY projects? Today, it can be done very easily. However, DIY projects are better done with the help of a perfect sander. Sometimes selecting a perfect sander is a little tricky. The sanders that are available are powerful. Along with it, they are also having the lightweight and swirl-free finish solutions [...]

What are the benefits of plant hire?

Plant hire is another term for equipment rental. Plant hire firms are service providers who rent equipment like generators, hand-tools, and earth overs. They may rent to individuals or building contractors. Let's look at some of the benefits of plant hire over buying your own equipment. What are the benefits of plant hire? There are [...]