How To Choose The Best Swimming Pool Filter

If you wish to keep your cardiovascular system in an excellent condition, swimming is the way to go. A giant water splash does more good to our body than we can think. Besides maintaining the overall health, swimming is known to boost our metabolism. But do you want to take those laps in unsanitary conditions? [...]

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Tips to Resurfacing your Pool

Swimming pool fun is essential, especially in summer. However, for your pool to keep functioning, you must maintain it throughout the season. The surface of your swimming will age with time due to pool chemicals and weather elements. If you notice that the pool liner is faded or stained, it is time to resurface your [...]

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Landscaping tips for pools braving the Texas heat

How can you create a relaxing oasis in your outdoor pool area under the sweltering Texas sun? After all, when your backyard is baking under the sizzling heat, it feels like a grape shriveling up into a raisin. However, there are a number of ways to maintain a cool, comfortable, and pristine pool area that’s [...]

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How to fight pool evaporation

If you own a pool, you know how much it takes to maintain or renovate it. Everything from the water quality to the temperature, to the filtration, needs constant testing and checking. However, one aspect that’s particularly frustrating for many pool owners is that of water evaporation. According to the Department of Energy, water evaporation is [...]

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Swimming pool maintenance

Having a swimming pool on your house compound is a pretty great deal especially during the hot summer months. Moreover, swimming is a hobby to many and a splendid manner of passing time in the lazy afternoon. Swimming is not only fun, but also, healthy since it’s a form of exercise. Some people are attracted [...]

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Swimming pool installation on a budget

Owning a home is a great accomplishment and from time to time you may want to add extra amenities to your property. Installing a shed in the backyard or a basketball court on the driveway can make spaces great for enjoying hobbies and favorite pastimes. If you have a large budget to invest in an [...]

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