How to preserve the pool cover

The accumulation of water on the cloth cover or its correct fixing to the perimeter of the pool are some of the problems we face. Despite its more than questionable aesthetics, winter covers for swimming pools are the only convincing solution to isolate them from the sun's rays, the rainwater and the dirt that accumulates. [...]

How Heavy Rains Affect Your Home Pool

One of the things you have to deal with when you have a pool is a constant struggle to fight various weather conditions in order to preserve chemical stability, water levels, and quality. Pool owners are no strangers to all sorts of weather effects which need be countered differently, depending on the type of damage [...]

Tips to Resurfacing your Pool

Swimming pool fun is essential, especially in summer. However, for your pool to keep functioning, you must maintain it throughout the season. The surface of your swimming will age with time due to pool chemicals and weather elements. If you notice that the pool liner is faded or stained, it is time to resurface your [...]

Swimming Pool Covers

Swimming pool helps in relieving stress and fatigue. Besides, swimming offers full body exercises. Most of the people usually take a swim after their work or in the morning. However, it is essential to know on the way to take good care for swimming pools and ensure they are sanitary and safe. For commercial and [...]

How to fight pool evaporation

If you own a pool, you know how much it takes to maintain or renovate it. Everything from the water quality to the temperature, to the filtration, needs constant testing and checking. However, one aspect that’s particularly frustrating for many pool owners is that of water evaporation. According to the Department of Energy, water evaporation is [...]