How to Decide on a Paint Color for Your Home’s Interior 

When you paint your home’s interior, no decision carries as much weight and comes with as much stress as the color. After all, it’s this color that will be dominating your home’s atmosphere for the entirety of your time in it. However, there is much more to this decision than personal preference. As tempting as [...]

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A Look Into The Top Paint Tips When It Comes Time To Paint Your House

Painting your house can change the entire look of the exterior. Whether you're painting to sell or you plan to stay in your home for a while, new paint can refresh tired brick or siding, dated colors, and worn and faded paint.  It can also cost a pretty penny. On average, it will cost anywhere [...]

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The Top Tips for Painting Countertops in Your Kitchen

Sick of your laminate countertops? That's not surprising. According to the National Association of Home Builders, only 14 percent of new houses installed laminate as of 2016. We know what you're thinking. "Here I am off-trend and without the extra cash to pony up. Is painting countertops an option?" Actually, yes. Yes, it is. Like-new inexpensive [...]

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How you should pick the best paint for your living room

Do you have furniture that doesn't appear to go with the remainder of your house? Attempt a new layer of paint before you change your front room's design. Allow me to figure, you're flinching right now at the idea of painting your lounge room. You're not the only one. Even though most homeowners realize the [...]

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Does soundproof paint actually work?

Perhaps the only thing worse than having a noisy neighbor is being one! Sadly, these days so many modern homes are built with what seem to be cardboard walls it’s pretty difficult to avoid either situation. Close neighbours’ barking dogs, musical instrument practice, late-night TV, and even regular phone conversations are just some of the [...]

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What You Need to Know About Commercial Painting

It is important that you understand the dynamics of commercial painting before you hire a professional for your project. It can be a bit difficult for most people to differentiate between a commercial and a residential painter. Considering that they both offer similar services but with some variations, it is important that you get to [...]

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4 Tips to buying a Diy paint sprayer

Painting your house adds a touch of personality to it. Painting your interior or exterior space prevents dirt from showing and covers up imperfections such as cracked walls. It also helps you in customizing your home since you will often choose the paint colors that you love. This exercise can be turned into an enjoyable [...]

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Tips To Getting The Best Outcome In Spray Painting

Spray painting is essentially one of the easiest and affordable ways of sprucing up various surfaces that are not eye appealing. It may seem like an easy way to transform these surfaces, but it as well requires a touch of skill. With spray paint, you can actually paint pretty much anything. However, when it is [...]

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How to paint exterior walls with a paint sprayer

Paint sprayer offers a more efficient means of painting large areas compared to the brushes or rollers. Through paint spraying, you will save on time and even ensure efficient usage of painting material. However, using a paint sprayer is not as easy and simple it seems in words. You need to follow some guidelines if [...]

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