How to Decide on a Paint Color for Your Home’s Interior 

When you paint your home’s interior, no decision carries as much weight and comes with as much stress as the color. After all, it’s this color that will be dominating your home’s atmosphere for the entirety of your time in it. However, there is much more to this decision than personal preference. As tempting as [...]

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How you should pick the best paint for your living room

Do you have furniture that doesn't appear to go with the remainder of your house? Attempt a new layer of paint before you change your front room's design. Allow me to figure, you're flinching right now at the idea of painting your lounge room. You're not the only one. Even though most homeowners realize the [...]

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Does soundproof paint actually work?

Perhaps the only thing worse than having a noisy neighbor is being one! Sadly, these days so many modern homes are built with what seem to be cardboard walls it’s pretty difficult to avoid either situation. Close neighbours’ barking dogs, musical instrument practice, late-night TV, and even regular phone conversations are just some of the [...]

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What is the Difference Between Acrylic and Latex Paint

Most homeowners are torn between using acrylic or latex paint when remodeling their home. For a start, the two types of paint are the only ones that are allowed for insured homes because they are not highly flammable like oil based paint. In fact, the confusion looms because a majority of homeowners don’t understand the [...]

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Deck Stain Vs Deck Paint

Often are the times when people have had numerous questions on which is the most suitable finish between a paint and a stain. This article tries to compare slight differences that may clarify to the reader about the best choice to make between the two. However, Tool Starter's deck stain recommendations are also a great [...]

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Paint Your House like a Pro with These Easy Tips

Everyone wants to do some changes around the house now and then. And we’re sure that sometimes this can be such a mess and a could give headaches. We’ve written this article to guide you in doing your projects quickly and getting a professional result that you can after taking pride in. If you need [...]

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Important Things to Consider Before You Pick a Paint Color

Picking the right paint, let alone color for your home is very difficult.  What most people don’t know is that your prep work, painting style, decorative elements and paint type are more important than the actual shade you chose. Therefore, we are naming a few things you need to know before you pick a color [...]

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