How to cut dovetails

One of the most essential skills that every accomplished woodworker must have is the ability to cut perfect dovetails. Dovetails are essential in furniture making process and they are widely used in all handmade furniture pieces. Today there are numerous dovetail jigs on the market but the truth is that cutting dovetails by hand isn't [...]

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How to fix gaps in miter joints

Cutting perfect miter joints is in most cases much tougher than you think. You have to measure perfectly and cut all the parts perfectly. If you get only one side slightly wrong, you will have a gap. If you are installing molding in your home, always first measure the corners because they are rarely perfect [...]

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The complete illustrated guide to joinery

There is no succesfull woodworking project without good joints. Forget intensive use of wood glue and cheap nails, that will hold the project together for a short period of time and the finished product will most likely to fall apart when you try to move it for the first time. If you want your project [...]

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