11 Tips for making your bathroom look more luxurious

The bathroom is probably the most used room in the house. Often it is the least well decorated and filled with all sorts of clutter. With a little bit of planning and time, this under-loved room can become one of the most luxurious rooms in your house. Making your bathroom luxurious does not have to [...]

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Bathroom Design Trends: Small Changes for a Big Impact

When it comes to bathroom design trends, interior designers are deeply divided. It’s not surprising that they can’t agree on what is best to invest in when restyling bathrooms, since this is a job that sticks for at least 15 to 20 years. So, you want to be certain that every detail you choose is [...]

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Living Room Furniture Ideas to Maximize Your Space

The problem of living in a small house is not just to set the living room layout in a functional way but to set the furniture in the living room in such a way that it remains breathable. A living room is the most important part of the house where its residents spend most of [...]

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Designer-Approved Tips In Crafting A Stylish Living Room

For many, having a dream home is the ultimate goal. It’s what they work for most of their lives and that one thing they strive to achieve. But having your dream home might prove unsatisfactory if you don’t know how to properly style and decorate it, which is probably easier said than done. At the [...]

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Top 4 Tips for Decorating Your Bedroom

While many people would say the kitchen or the living room is the most important room in the house, we’d like to argue that the bedroom is the most important. After all, your bedroom is your escape and your sanctuary. It’s the place you go to rest and relax and slip away from reality for a [...]

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Essential Tools for Protecting Your Home During Decorating Project

Decorating is a beast of a job if you elect to tackle a huge room or a complex hall, stairs, and landing project. But if done well, the end result is well worth your time, sweat, and tears. The key to success when decorating is protecting everything you don’t want to be painted or papered. [...]

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Interior Decorating Tips To Beautify Your Home

Decorating can be a little tricky, especially when you consider the various styles out there, but it is easy to decide the style that fits your home once you identify your personal style. Decorations do not have to be a struggle; the simple things you do will make the world of difference in your home. [...]

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How to select the right curtains for your interior design?

The power to transform the feel and the look of rooms lies within the curtains. Many designers worldwide agree that it is the curtains that complete the appeal of a room. As much as curtains are considered to be the “angels” of the room, they must be carefully-chosen to best complement your interior decor. You [...]

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