DIY Garage Door Installation Guide

Here are a few helpful hints when installing your new garage door and /or automatic operator. You should always install your garage door in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Installations should generally be carried out by 2 people and if there is no other means of exit from the garage, ensure that someone else is [...]

Marble Polishing And Restoration 5 DIY Steps

Marble is one of the most popular, glamorous and luxurious natural stones used in Australian homes and commercial spaces. Although marble can generally be a pretty low maintenance surface, it does require polishing to achieve and maintain that consistent beautiful aesthetic. Polishing is extremely important and an essential element to the marbles restoration process. The [...]

How To Change Toilet Fill Valve

A toilet is a very essential plumbing product. The flushing system is the most essential part of a toilet. Nothing is more embarrassing than finding out that the flush is not working after using the toilet. this can happen due to the fill valve of the flush. A fill valve controls the flow of water [...]

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