Prepping Your Deck for a Home Appraisal in 6 Steps

As real estate appraisers, we see many beautiful decks that enhance the value of a property, providing valuable three-season outdoor living space for relaxing and for parties. Unfortunately, we also see many decks that detract from the value of a home because they have not been maintained properly. If you have a deck and plan [...]

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7 Maintenance tips for composite decking

Some people only think of their deck as an extension of their living spaces, while others think of it as the place where you can spend many joyful hours with your family and friends. Both types of people usually go for composite decking for their known durability through harsh winters and summers. However, this is [...]

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Laying your composite deck effectively

With an appreciable visual aesthetic, the composite terrace seduces more and more people. If the technicians who master the installation, do not miss, force is to recognize that the price of such work is often out of reach. In order not to put one's wallet to the test, it is better to do it yourself. [...]

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How To Build A Commercial Deck That Will Last

Whether you are considering building a deck at your hotel pool, a restaurant outside area or a seaside pier, there are various benefits associated with getting a professional decking company to assist you with the layout and construction phase. Ideally, decks that are built for large community projects such as harbor piers for boats or [...]

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Deck Stain Vs Deck Paint

Often are the times when people have had numerous questions on which is the most suitable finish between a paint and a stain. This article tries to compare slight differences that may clarify to the reader about the best choice to make between the two. However, Tool Starter's deck stain recommendations are also a great [...]

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Awesome DIY Projects to Start This Summer

If you’re someone who loathes boredom and thrives on productivity, then DIY projects are likely your best source of entertainment. You’re likely reading this right now in the hopes of finding a fun new project or two start. If, however, you’re new to the DIY scene, not to worry. At, we know that these [...]

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