How to File a Mechanic’s Lien in California

A mechanics lien acts as a security or a guarantee of payment to construction firms, builders, and contractors. If you are involved in a construction project by offering professional services, building materials, labor or equipment, you are entitled to filing a mechanic’s lien to secure payments for the services you offered. If you are a supplier, [...]

Tips to Finding the Best Contractor Bond Rates

There are 3 parties involved in a contractor bond relationship. These parties are the obligee, the principle, and the surety entity. A party (the principal) gets into an agreement with another party (the obligee) to perform a particular function. A third party, not privy to the initial agreement may vouch for the principal’s performance using [...]

Tips to finding a general contractor

The general contractor is the overall boss of any building construction site. He is also in charge of hiring different employees needed for that particular site. These experts can be either an individual or a company. With the vast number of reputable professionals in a big cities like New York, where buildings are coming up [...]