Where do Fleas live in the House?

Unfortunately enough, fleas can find a number of suitable spaces in your home to live. Fleas thrive in dark, warm, moist conditions and you may guess where such areas in your home exist. Moreover, fleas eggs do not have a substance that allows them to stick to the host and they fall off it. Which [...]

Carpet cleaning vacuum guide

If you think picking out a vacuum cleaner for carpet cleaning is an easy affair, think again. Since there are a great many aspects of carpet cleaning as a whole, you need to choose a vacuum accordingly. Which means that you need to make your choice based upon your particular priorities while carpet cleaning. It [...]

Bathroom carpet out of cobbles

If you have an old carpet don't throw it away, reuse it and make a beautiful addition to your bathroom. This DIY project is easy but unique, low cost and most importantly beautiful. This type of bathroom carpet you can't buy in your local store and all it takes is a little effort. All you [...]

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