Tips to Prevent Carpet Mold after Water Damage

Molds can cause serious health problems after dreadful water damage if they are not prevented or treated in time. Exposure to mold growth can cause nose, lungs, throat, and eye problems, such as allergies, asthma, and hay fever. Molds are nothing but colonies of microorganisms that breed in damp places or in moisture. Since the [...]

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Cleaning Tips: How to Naturally Deep Clean Your Carpet

‘How do I get the horrifying stain out of my precious carpet?’ a question you find asking yourself, especially when you have kids, pets, and clumsy friends around. While carpet cleaning services are the best and quick solution to water damage, keeping carpets odorless and stain free is a costly challenge, particularly in highly-polluted areas. [...]

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How to Install Carpet on Stairs

A carpeted staircase can add a touch of comfort and softness to your home. They quieten footsteps by absorbing the sound, and they are significantly safer than harder-surface stairs. They are non-slip and softly pad your footfall. However, to achieve this at home, you need to understand how to install carpet on stairs. Knowing how [...]

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Cleaning Up The Carpet Like The Pros Would

A clean and dirt-free carpet can totally transform the overall appearance of your home. That is why you the demand for professional cleaning services continues to rise every other year. Fortunately, you don't have to spend your hard earned cash paying for the services when you can do the job on your own. The biggest [...]

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5 tips to budgeting for having your rugs cleaned

At some point, anyone who owns an area rug is faced with the question of whether to clean it, or just buy a new one. While buying a new one is a viable option, it makes more sense to clean it. It’s a cheaper option. You just need to include rug cleaning in your budget, [...]

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Tips for installing new carpet

Carpets are a sure way to add warmth to the rooms in our homes. There is a wide variety of material options in the market such as nylon, wool, polyester, and olefin. When buying, select a carpet that meets your need and budget. Most people prefer the woolen carpets due to their durability and their [...]

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How to Find the Best Carpet Cleaner in Arizona

Stranger danger is a phrase most of us have come across. Inviting a stranger to your home is a delicate choice that one has to make. When selecting a carpet cleaner, you have to look at different factors including whether they are honest, legitimate and more so a licensed company. When hiring a carpet cleaner, [...]

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Benefits to Cleaning Your Carpet Regularly

Carpets give our home a unique look but they also contribute to comfort and help us keep warm during cold periods of time. If you don’t like bare floors, then installing carpets in your home or office is the right choice. Some carpets can be pretty elaborate and stylish so they can give your space [...]

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Decorating with Carpet Squares

Innovation has made carpet tiles more interesting. Unlike carpet rolls, carpet tiles are made in small squares, making them easy to install and clean. You can easily remove dirty tiles for cleaning or replacement if the stain is stubborn. Available in various patterns, colors and textures, carpet tiles are versatile for use in almost any [...]

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