How to maintain construction equipment

How to maintain construction equipment

Construction equipment can make you good money, either through construction contracts or by renting them out. However, if you do not take good care of your equipment, they can be a huge disappointment. Without good care, the breakdown rates will go up and so will your maintenance costs. To help you have better outcomes, let’s go through 5 tips to maintaining your construction equipment.

Engage the services of a reputable equipment parts company

One of the best ways to maintain your construction equipment is by partnering with a reliable parts company. This way, you are assured of good quality parts anytime you need to replace some parts of your equipment. Reputable companies sell good quality tracks and they usually have a great delivery times. Reputable companies, like FortisTracks, can be a reliable parts replacement partner, for longer lasting equipment.

Go by the manufacturer’s commendations

Construction equipment manufacturers offer recommendations as to how specific equipment should be used, and at what intervals you should either take them for maintenance or replace them. For best care of your equipment, ensure that you follow through with these recommendations. For instance, if equipment needs servicing after 6 months, do not exceed this period. Similarly, if the manufacturer recommends that equipment handles a specific weight limit, do not go beyond it. The manufacturer knows best why they offer recommendations. As such, following their views is a sure way to properly maintain your construction equipment in top notch condition.

Train employees well on how to handle equipment

The people who operate your construction equipment can make all the difference between the equipment lasting long, or breaking down before its recommended lifespan. If you train or hire properly trained equipment handlers, then you are guaranteed of a slower wear and tear, since they know what to do for the equipment to operate for longer. For better efficiency, hire individuals who have some certification in equipment handling. This way, you are guaranteed that they will take good care of your equipment for fear of losing their certification.

Set a routine

During the construction year different types of construction equipment are put to use daily. You should set a team of workers who run checks over the construction equipment before and after use at regular intervals in a week or daily. This not only reduces chances of accidents but also helps you to pinpoint any problem in the running of the machinery. In this way you can find out what causes the problem and the machinery can be repaired accordingly. Another advantage of regular maintenance is that resale value of the heavy machinery does not drop considerably.

How to maintain construstion equipment - maintenance

Store the equipment properly when it’s not in use

How you store your equipment is a critical aspect of maintenance. To ensure that your construction equipment lasts longer and stays in good working condition, store it in a dry area when it’s not in use. This way, you reduce the effects that of dump weather such as rusting of some of the equipment’s parts. It may also be prudent to invest in some covers to protect it from the weather elements when it’s not in use. The whole idea of storing it well is to protect it the degradation that comes with prolonged exposure to the weather.

Regularly lubricate construction equipment

Your construction equipment can last longer if you keep mechanical parts lubricated at all times. That’s because, part of the reason why equipment breaks down is due to the corrosion and wear and tear of mechanical parts of the equipment. Keeping it lubricated with a high quality lubricant can help reduce wear and tear and keep it going for longer.

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  1. CJ Holmskovec October 30, 2018 at 5:26 pm

    Thanking for sharing this informative article. It will help us for maintaining our machinery properly. Thanx for sharing this types of article. Keep Sharing this type of article in future. All the Best.

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  2. Mina Edinburgh June 27, 2018 at 3:46 am

    It sure was nice that you suggested scheduling a check on the equipment regularly to make sure that chances of accidents are reduced and fix problems before they get worse. My parents are planning to either buy or rent a few pieces of construction equipment for the tower work next month. Since I am aware how pricey they can be, I think it makes sense that we make sure they are properly maintained. Thank you.

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