Want to Improve Your Outdated Backyard? Here’s How

Do you occasionally host barbecue parties within your backyard and feel like it could use a spruce up? Or maybe, there are those days where you just want to be out in your backyard and enjoy the beautiful sun. Well, for such days, you need your outdoor sanctuary to be in pristine condition. Unbeknownst to [...]

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Grow These Classic Perennials to Attract Pollinators

The sight of a well-kept garden is a delight for most people; but only we gardening enthusiasts understand just how much effort, patience and love it takes to keep those plants in tip-top condition. Sometimes, a little help from Mother Nature’s little workers is more than welcome! Pollinators—most commonly bees, butterflies and flower beetles—are animals [...]

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How to Recognize, Prevent, and Fix a Damaged Irrigation System

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the average American household uses more than 300 gallons (1,137 liters) of water per day. Around 70 percent of this water is used indoors. However, the number could be higher in the drier and hotter parts of the country. Most of this outdoor water usage goes to [...]

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Tree Lopping & Alternative Methods of Tree Maintenance

Like many other beautiful things we keep in our homes, trees need maintenance. Before you think that having a tree might cause an inconvenience and opt for a plastic one, there are many benefits of having a real tree. The main and the obvious one is that trees give off the oxygen we need to [...]

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How Do Using Native Plants Make Landscape Maintenance Easier

As time has progressed, and continues to this day, the natural habitat of many ecosystems is disturbed due to developments of industrial, commercial, residential, and farmland. With that comes the loss of native plants to the area. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t include native plants to your landscape design. In fact, incorporating native plants [...]

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6 Plants That Will Perfectly Fit Into A Little Dish Garden

Dish gardens are fascinating, aren’t they? A bunch of plants planted in a container, having a biosphere and completely capable of developing a thriving eco-system while hanging in your balcony. Amusing enough? The dish that one should choose for a dish garden doesn’t need a deep bowl but a shallow container which is two inches [...]

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Basic and simple tips to organize your dream garden

Building a dream garden and being a good garden decorator is a great way to connect with nature. There are many ways to own a green garden. Whether it's at home or in a simple apartment, high craft creations among famous home decorating and green art lovers. For those of you who want to decorate [...]

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