How to find high quality furniture

When most people are in the market for some new furniture, their thoughts usually aren’t on the quality. Sure, you want something that will give you value for your money. But the most common concerns usually revolve around affordability and how well the new piece of furniture will fit in their home.

This often leads people to choose the ‘cheap and new’ option. However, this path often leads to disappointment. Simply put, cheap furniture just doesn’t last. If you want a strong, long-lasting piece, you will have to go for high-quality furniture.

That said, what exactly makes a particular piece ‘high quality’? Anyone can decide if they like a certain color or identify rips, scratches, and stains without any special knowledge. But how can you tell if a particular piece will last for a long time – just by looking at it? Here are few simple tips that can help you find high-quality furniture.

Visit the Showroom Yourself

Online shopping is a great way to buy a wide range of products, but it’s not an ideal way to shop for furniture, The best way to tell if a piece is well constructed is by actually going to the showroom yourself and seeing it in person. Nothing beats the experience of testing out a new piece of furniture if you’re looking for something that will last. If it feels unstable or rickety in the showroom, there’s no way it will get better once it’s in your house!

So, start off your search for new furniture by visiting your nearest respected furniture showroom like Anima Domus. Take your time to surf the store to check out the options. That way, you won’t miss out on finding the perfect new piece for your home.

Know your Wood

The wood that is used to make furniture falls into three categories: solid wood, composite wood or particle board, and veneers.

If you want great quality, your best bet is to go for solid wood furniture. That’s because it is usually stronger and more aesthetically pleasing than other options. However, take care because it is more susceptible to water rings and scratches.

On the other hand, veneers consist of a cheap wood base that is covered by several layers of another, better-quality wood. The inexpensive core makes these woods more affordable.

But the cheapest option has to be particle board. This is a mixture of wood pulp, resin, and plastics. Since it’s basically made out of scraps, particle board pieces can make furniture that looks okay but won’t last for a significant period of time.

How to find high quality furniture - vintage living room

Consider your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle should determine what types of fabrics you choose. If you have pets – for example – buying a white couch may not be a very good idea. Go for darker colors and tough, stain-resistant fabrics instead.

Also, make realistic choices when it comes to colors. You might be in love with that orange couch today, but will you still feel the same way after a few years? The best approach would be to pick neutral colors for your larger and more expensive pieces.

How to find high quality furniture - leather living room

Ergonomics Matter

When it comes to high-quality pieces, function should trump aesthetics. Your first concern should be to find furniture that fits your ergonomic needs. For instance, an expensive couch that’s great to look at – but isn’t very comfortable to sit in – doesn’t really make sense for such a high-priced purchase.

Check the Cushions

High-quality furniture typically has firm cushions that have a removable cover that matches on both sides. Remember, firm cushions hold up better over time. Furthermore, cushions that are fully covered cost more than those with a pattern on one side. But that just means that the will last longer and wear evenly.