How to assemble IKEA flat pack furniture with a breeze

As a brand, IKEA has always made a case that it is actually quite easy to assemble furniture designed by, what we guess are some genius flat-pack engineering masterminds. But if you have ever been in possession of one of their, let's say, signature POANG chairs, then you'd know that it takes more than just [...]

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DIY painted furniture ideas and inspiration

Are you getting tired of your old, boring furniture? Don’t think that just because you’ve grown tired of them you already have to buy new ones and throw or sell the old ones away. With a little creativity, you can make your old furniture look like it just came from the store. If you don't [...]

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DIY pull out clothes rack

We all have problems with arranging clothes in our closets and the most difficult, by our experience, are pants. Classic storage organizers with hangers are proven to be very difficult to manage and it's almost impossible to keep your pants perfectly ironed on a classic hanger. The solution to this problem is this fantastic DIY [...]

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DIY invisible bookshelf

People often want to have beautifully decorated shelves which match the design of their room or they want to have matching shelves with their furniture, but what if all that isn't necessary, what if you can have fantastic invisible bookshelves. Yes, you that's correct, you can have invisible bookshelves! Joke aside, those shelves aren't really [...]

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DIY Swing

Simple tutorial for making a DIY Swing! Everybody needs a place for relaxation and a simple DIY swing can be a perfect place for relaxation in your home. Also, your kids will surely love this. The best thing about this project is that you don't need expensive tools or professional knowledge to make this beautiful [...]

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