If you’re wondering why there are a lot of tiles on the market, it is because not all of them are created equal. Once you start checking them out, you will see the many differences and you will know which ones are intended for certain parts of your home. For instance, ceramic tiles are one of the tiles that look beautiful and desirable. It is flame-resistant, durable, and does not conduct to heat or electricity. Kitchen and bathroom tiles often use this for both the floors and walls. These two areas of the house are often similar when it comes to choosing floor and wall tiles.

How to choose bathroom and kitchen tiles

Here are few simple tips for choosing the right tile for your kitchen and bathroom.

Choose a tile that fits your family’s lifestyle

By this, it means that you need to choose a floor or wall tile that is durable enough to withstand your family’s activities in the house. Oftentimes, there will food spillage, pets running around the house, too many people inside, or use of cleaning supplies that can harm the tiles. Ensure that what you are choosing can withstand all of these. For your bathroom and kitchen floor tiles, it is very important to choose something that has a texture that allows safety for walking. Accidents can happen when your floor tiles are too slippery in the bathroom and kitchen. When it comes to wall tiles, glossy tiles are often preferable such as glass tiles or ceramic tiles for easy cleaning and durability.

Know the difference between the different types of tiles

There are different types of tiles to choose from. This includes ceramic, vinyl, bamboo, porcelain, glass, quarry, stone, and more. Most of the time, kitchen and bathroom flooring use vinyl, ceramic, porcelain, and bamboo tiles. For countertops and walls, glass ceramic and porcelain are often used. Having a basic idea about the difference between these types of tiles will help you big time in the decision process.

Determine if the type of tile is durable enough

The bathroom and kitchen are two of rooms in the house that gets visited every single day. It is where we shower and prepare our food, respectively. Kitchen countertops need the durability of tiles that can hold up the heat from hot pans. It also needs to be regularly cleaned and maintained. While ceramic tiles work just fine, it can also get easily cracked or chipped.

How to choose bathroom and kitchen tiles - kitchen tiles

Determine your budget

We can easily find an inexpensive kitchen and bathroom tiles but if you go for custom-designed ones, it can get pretty expensive. Do your research first on how you envision your kitchen and bathroom tiles so you can set your budget.

Match the tile color to your room

Try to mix and match the color of your tile to your room. There are times when certain colors can only go along with other colors, so you should know the overall accent color of your room before purchasing your kitchen and bathroom tiles.