How to become a good carpenter

For thousands of years, carpenters have been making impressive structures, beautiful furniture and everyday wooden items and buildings. Although the path to this profession has proven itself in many ways, there are a few nuances to consider when pursuing your professional goals. There are also many doors that open when you are a carpenter. This [...]

Finishing Wood Furniture with Oil

When you have bought new wood furniture or when you have been using it for some time and note first signs of tear and wear, you want to consider refinishing or finishing your wood furniture with oil. This will not only enhance its look but also protect the material and increase its durability. However, there [...]

Planer Safety Tips

A planer is an invaluable machine when it comes to woodworking, and if you’ve been around the lumber industry for a while, you can happily corroborate this assertion. Granted, you can use a saw to cut your lumbers and use jointer to smoothen the surfaces as well as the sides of the wood to make [...]

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