Planer Safety Tips

A planer is an invaluable machine when it comes to woodworking, and if you’ve been around the lumber industry for a while, you can happily corroborate this assertion. Granted, you can use a saw to cut your lumbers and use jointer to smoothen the surfaces as well as the sides of the wood to make [...]

Tips to using a wood planer

If you are into woodwork or want to excel in the industry, there are some tools that you will definitely need. One of them is the wood planer for fine and smooth finishes of your woodwork. Woodwork is so extensive and goes wide in the market as there are artists that craft their art using [...]

Tips To Choosing The Right Saw For Woodworking

Since time immemorial, woodworkers all over the world have been trusted to craft and design beautiful and purposeful products from wood. Elegant furniture, cabinets, and hardwood floors have naturally turned our homes and offices into beautiful spaces. As a beginner or advanced woodworker, the key to successful woodwork projects is picking the right saw for the [...]