How to Install Poly Pipe

Polyurethane is a malleable material commonly used in ground watering sprinkler systems and other fittings that use simple pressure. Poly pipes are more flexible than PVC pipes and can curve around unmovable objects. Not to mention, they can be installed in a short period of time. This explains why polyurethane is suitable for colder climates [...]

How to Make a Beanbag Chair

We all know how comfortable beanbag chairs are, with it also looking amazingly awesome in a living area or playroom! It's the perfect addition to any family room, as you can simply plop down and enjoy sinking into a huge, comfortable cushion after a whole day of work. And I'm sure it's popped into your [...]

Awesome DIY Projects to Start This Summer

If you’re someone who loathes boredom and thrives on productivity, then DIY projects are likely your best source of entertainment. You’re likely reading this right now in the hopes of finding a fun new project or two start. If, however, you’re new to the DIY scene, not to worry. At, we know that these [...]

How To Craft Your Own Bed Frame

A typical bedroom set is a big investment, but there are several ways to reduce costs. In fact, one of the best ways is by crafting your own bed frame. There are countless ways to build a DIY bed frame and doing so will provide a sense of reward that is far greater than simply purchasing a [...]

How to DIY replace doors

Doors are among the first things that welcome people to your home. It is important in many ways and these include protection and security, privacy, and the overall look of your home. Doors are both functional and decorative elements of a home. But because some doors are used constantly, they also become damaged and need [...]

DIY Tips For Paving Your Backyard

If you want to extend your outdoor living experience, you should consider paving your backyard. Paving your backyard may include setting up poolside paths, labyrinth, and chessboard patio etc. You need not necessarily spend a fortune to create the outdoor space of your dreams. If you want to pave your backyard, you should know that [...]