Benefits of using Egger Laminate Flooring

Benefits of using Egger Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a popular option among those who want the look of natural flooring at a fraction of the cost and with nearly none of the upkeep concerns. Laminate flooring is made from multiple layers of synthetic materials that are fused together by lamination, hence the name. The uppermost layer has a pattern applied to it that very closely mimics the look of hardwood flooring, tile, marble, or even stone. In some configurations, laminate flooring cannot easily be differentiated from the real thing.

Egger laminate flooring is not a specific style or arrangement of laminate flooring, but actually a specific brand. Since the process of creating synthetic materials and fusing them together can be achieved by nearly any major textile producer, choosing a reputable brand of laminate flooring can be the difference between a stress-free choice of flooring or a dilapidated faux-wood knockoff. Why should you choose Egger laminate flooring over other laminate brands? Well, let’s get down to brass tacks.

Laminate Is Very Hygienic

Laminate flooring suits the health conscious individual well as the material does not absorb toxic chemicals. On top of that, Egger laminate flooring contains antimicrobial resins that function to minimize the growth and buildup of bacteria, a perfect choice for any who might be mold paranoid when it comes to their home.

Perfect For Wet Areas

Bathrooms and other areas that are constantly exposed to water are fantastically protected by the completely sealed nature of laminate flooring. Egger has a special line referred to as Aqua+ that comes with a lifetime guarantee if used for home applications. In fact, it’s one of the few laminate flooring styles that can be cleaned via steam cleaning.

Long Lifespan

Hardwood flooring can be difficult to maintain over time. Moisture and resistance to stains are the main concerns with natural hardwood floors. These concerns are completely averted with high-quality Egger laminate flooring that is as robust as it is beautiful.

Benefits of using Egger laminate flooring - beautiful living room

Easy Installation

This kind of flooring can be as easy to install as simply putting the flooring down on a suitably adhering base and fitting the pieces together with a tongue and groove system. Laminate flooring is perfect for DIY installers because practically no specialized knowledge is required to put the pieces down and have them set properly. In fact, most DIY laminate flooring projects can be completed within a single day.

Years Of Industry Knowledge

As opposed to some fly-by-night operations or companies in the laminate business simply to get rid of excess materials, Egger has specialized in laminate flooring since the early 60s and have perfected their formula over time. Resistant, high-quality laminate flooring is how they pay their bills and they’ve gotten extremely skilled at producing their products. Also, this means they’ve had years upon years to streamline their processes for maximum efficiency and the savings in the manufacturing process are then passed down to the consumer. The sheer volume of laminate flooring they deal in also makes for great deals due to the economy of scale.

Parting Words

If you want beautiful flooring at a fraction of the cost, consider investing in Egger laminate flooring. For the novice homeowner or someone who prefers the set it and forget it the style of homebuilding, laminate flooring can’t be beaten. People who suffer from asthma or other respiratory issues will enjoy laminate flooring and its hypoallergenic qualities. So, if beautiful flooring with minimal upkeep sounds like your style, flooring by Egger is right up your alley.

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