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Why It’s Time to Switch to a High-Efficiency Furnace

A furnace is a residential heating system that works by converting heat from air and distributes it through ductwork and vents inside the home. For a furnace to work properly, its burners, duct, heat exchanger, and gas valves should be in optimal condition. If you’ve been using the same furnace for decades, consider upgrading your [...]

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How to purchase a home for 98 cents on the dollar?

That’s it! You have decided to perform a 1031-exchange in order to postpone paying capital gains taxes on an investment property at the time of its sale. In other words, you are purchasing a property with the profit generated on the sale of the another property. As an expert investor, you already know you can [...]

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3 Reasons You Should Check Your HVAC For R-22

Walking into your cool home after a hot summer day can provide much relief and comfort, but it is imperative for anyone utilizing an HVAC system to know whether the chemical R-22 is present in their system. If your HVAC system was purchased in 2010 or earlier, research should be done to see if this [...]

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How to keep your home safe from pest?

You might be wondering how come your cat has captured a mouse a few days ago. Where did it come from? How did it get into your house? Well, this is already an indication that you should do something to prevent rodents, cockroaches, and crawling insects to ruin your home. Some insects can also suddenly [...]

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The Top 7 Beautiful Flowers You Can Grow in Your Garden

A beautiful garden consisting of lovely flowers and their pleasing aroma can eventually enhance the allure of your home. Although there are more than a million species of flowers that you can opt from, for your garden, it's not easy to choose from such a wide variety. Beside planting vegetables in your garden, there are [...]

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9 Fall Decorating Ideas for a Stylish and Cozy Home

The year’s coziest season has arrived and it’s time to take your home decorating to the next level. From floral patterns to autumn colors, decorative cushions, faux fur throws, low centerpieces, and home accessories, there are many ways to achieve a stylish and cozy home. Let the outdoors in with floral patterns Florals are a [...]

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How Should I Fix My Home Before I Try to Sell It?

Are you ready to sell your home? Does it need repairs or should you sell it as is. That's a complicated question that includes several factors to consider. How much are the repairs and do you have the funds to invest in the fixes? How much is your house worth with and without the fixes? If [...]

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What is a Water Booster Pump and How Does It Work?

When you want a pump you need to consider carefully what you want the pump to do. After all, there’s a big difference between a pump that creates air in your fish tank and one you rely on to deliver water to your home. Pulps that move water around are generally referred to as dewatering [...]

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Epoxy Flooring Company Orlando Explains The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Epoxy Floors

It can be difficult to find flooring solutions that can stand up to the test of time and remain resistant to stains and chemicals spills. While Epoxy Flooring Company Orlando often talk about the many advantages of epoxy flooring solutions, it's important to remember that every type of flooring comes with a set of disadvantages. [...]

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