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Dmitri is a passionate and creative author and editor of the Home & Love community. Passionate about everything home and garden, you'll find his works full of passion and care.

Corded Lawn Mowers and Tips on How to Use One

It’s almost grass cutting season and the chances of your lawn will need a good mower are obvious. Nobody likes a scruffy backyard. Before you rush into purchasing a mower, you should first carefully consider the size of your garden area because smaller areas can be easily taken care of via a hand or electric [...]

Where do Fleas live in the House?

Unfortunately enough, fleas can find a number of suitable spaces in your home to live. Fleas thrive in dark, warm, moist conditions and you may guess where such areas in your home exist. Moreover, fleas eggs do not have a substance that allows them to stick to the host and they fall off it. Which [...]

Summer to do list for every DIY homeowner

Warm summer days are an enticing invitation to sunny afternoons, sunbathing, dear friends, family, al fresco dining, laughter and fun. In addition to all outdoor activities, the DIY homeowner enthusiast should remember that summer has a homeowner’s list of maintenance tasks on it’s own. As a responsible homeowner or tenant you need to be clever [...]

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