Healthier Home: The 7 Best Home Water Filters of 2019

The male human body needs approximately 3.7 liters of water a day; 2.7 liters if you're a woman. Either way, you're going to be drinking a huge amount of water throughout your lifetime, which means the quality of water you ingest is very important. While tap water is safe to drink in most parts of the [...]

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How To Find The Right Appliance Repair Company

We depend on the appliances around the home to help us complete various tasks that, without the appliance, would be time-consuming and difficult or impossible. We use the washing machine to clean dirty clothes and the dryer to get them clean. Our dishwashers take the hassle out of cleaning dishes. And, of course, the trusted [...]

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How to Select the Best Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Sweeping and mopping the floor has been one of the biggest challenges most people face when it comes to cleaning.  Squatting while scrubbing your floor causes some major back problems. Lucky for you though, some thoughtful scientists came up with some convenient and versatile cleaning tools to help you clean and restore the glowing nature [...]

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Water Heater Troubleshooting: Solutions to 7 Common Problems

Our love affair with hot water goes back to the Romans, who built baths filled with hot water. Of course, the Romans didn’t invent hot water heaters, but they certainly had the right idea about soaking in heated water. Today, water heaters are an essential part of daily life. But like all home appliances, water [...]

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How to Select the Best Vacuum for Pet Hair

Dogs have been, since ancient times, man’s best friend: their personality, demeanour, resilience, and their willingness to offer unconditional love and companionship. However, even with all their incredible characteristics, they tend to cause mess in your home; with all their playfulness and dragging every single item into your home, without the ideal vacuum cleaner you [...]

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How to Find Good Appliance Repair Engineer

Household appliances – dishwashers, washers, driers, hot water heaters, A/C, refrigerators, freezers, etc. – give us a lifestyle our cave-dwelling forebears couldn’t even imagine in their wildest dreams. They free us from the drudgery of the day-to-day tasks of meager survival and give us endless hours of time to devote to other pursuits. Oh yes, [...]

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Facts you Must Know Before Investing in an Air Conditioner

Fact – you may have to part with a tidy sum for a high-quality air conditioner, whether you’re looking for a window or central AC. Some top of the line models cost well over three thousand bucks. Do you know what this implies? Well, it means that you have to get the basics correct before [...]

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Buyer’s Guide: Should You Get a Robotic Vacuum?

We’ve all seen those hilarious videos of pets interacting with a robotic vacuum cleaner. Seeing the automatic vacuum clean up the house instead of you having to do it yourself makes you start wondering if you should also get one. Well, you'll need to know what it can do for you before you decide to [...]

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Household Appliances You Should Minimize Using to Save Electricity at Home

Nowadays, electric bills have been going through the roof all over the world. The demand for energy keeps increasing while the supply does not. This makes electricity providers increase the electricity rates and, in turn, causing people to pay a ton of money for a basic necessity. Household appliances are most likely the culprit when [...]

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These Smart Appliances Are Building The Future Home

The humble household is no stranger to cutting-edge technological advancement. From the early days of human civilization, people have been motivated by expanding their wealth and – by extension – their familial comfort. This need has driven innovation in the household furniture and appliances industries, who always strive for the best. Over the years, the [...]

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