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Whether you are hobby woodworker, woodcarver or you just doing some repairs in your garage, a proper workbench is a neccessity. Many people work their entire life on old garden tables and don’t have the basic things which every hobby woodworker should have. This books will show you why you need a proper workbench, it provides you with the plans for constructing your own workbench and also rates most popular ready-made workbenches on the market.

Fine Woodworking has been outfitting woodworkers with smart and effective workbenches for 35 years, in styles to suit any mode of woodworking. Whether you are looking for a quick and easy workstation that will handle 90 percent of what you need, or a no-compromise traditional workbench that will look and function flawlessly for decades, there is a workbench here for you. And the magazine’s wonderful exploded drawings and clear step-by-step photos will answer every question along the way, guaranteeing your success. This collection of Fine Woodworking’s best workbenches doesn’t stop there, however. After you wipe a coat of oil onto your gleaming new workbench, you’ll open these pages again for a host of tips and jigs that will expand its capabilities even further.


This is the book which every woodworker should have and even more important, which every woodworker should read from cover to cover. All accessories for workbenches are explained in detail and rated here and from this book you will learn what you need and what you don’t need on your workbench. Best of all, if you don’t have money to buy ready-made workbench, the book provides detailed instructions on how to make your own perfect workbench.

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  1. Charlie Kocourek

    The bench pictured in the center of this page is an Adjustable Height Bench that I designed and built a few years ago. I am very pleased to see it featured here! You can learn more about it at my website:

    I call it the Jack Bench because it uses a scissors jack to raise and lower the height of the bench top. It also features a Built in Mobile Base that is operated by a second scissors jack.

    When people first saw it they told me that they would like a copy of the plans that I used to build it. I now offer a complete set of plans with detailed assembly instructions on my web site:

    Check it out!

    Charlie Kocourek

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